Use an Android smartphone or tablet, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to help you learn, reference and practice USDF Introductory dressage tests. Each interactive test allows you to:

  • Read the test instructions along with the marking criteria
  • Review dressage arena diagrams that animate through the movements within a test
  • Play and record your own readings of the test that are perfectly timed for the individual horses and the arena in which you are practicing
  • Reference the official USDF dressage test score sheet to see how judges will mark a riders performance
  • On the larger iPad screen, practice your dressage test by sketching out the movements 
  • Review the Pyramid of Training - rhythm, relaxation, connection, impulsion, straightness and collection
  • Keep up-to-date on the latest in dressage competition through the USDF news feeds

USDF Freestyle requirements are provided as pdf files.

USDF EquiTests 2 (2015 Tests - coming soon)
Introductory Dressage Tests & Freestyle Requirements  

  • Introductory Level Test A 

  • Introductory Level Test B 

  • Introductory Level Test C

  • Freestyle Training Level PDF

  • Freestyle 1st Level PDF

  • Freestyle 2nd Level PDF

  • Freestyle 3rd Level PDF

  • Freestyle 4th Level PDF

Note: Diagrams are an indication only and should always be used in conjunction with the Official USDF Test Sheets which take precedence.